How-to Guide for our Highland Village Lyft Discount Program

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Do you travel in Highland Village and North Lewisville? Well you’re in luck! We’ve partnered with Lyft to provide more transit options for commuter’s first and last-mile connections. As part of the program, those traveling within the Highland Village Lyft Zone will receive a $2 discount for Lyft rides.

This new partnership will replace DCTA’s existing partnership with Uber, and riders will now need to download the Lyft mobile app to access the discount. The new Lyft discount program specifics will remain similar to the agency’s existing discount program:

  • Service Hours – Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Lyft Zone – Highland Village and Northern Lewisville (same as the previous Uber Zone)
  • Rider Discount – Same $2 discount will now be applied to Lyft rides (discount applied to Lyft trips only – no additional discounts offered on any DCTA bus or train services)


Our $2-sponsored Lyft discount is easy to access. Just follow our quick instructional guide below to access the discount and plan your trip:


1. Select your Lyft profile in the top left corner of the Lyft Home Screen.



2. Select “Promos” in the drop-down menu.



3. Enter the promotional code “RIDEDCTA2” in the top bar. Please note that you will only have to use this code once to enroll in the program.



The promotional code screen offers some more information on the discount program. Select “View Coverage Area” in the promos screen to see a map of the zone within the Lyft app where a $2 discount will be applied to every eligible trip.


4. To plan a Lyft trip, choose your pickup location and destination.




5. Lyft will automatically geolocate where a passenger is from their smartphone. If a customer is beginning and ending a trip within the Lyft Zone, a $2 discount will be applied to their total fare. If a trip is eligible for the discount, the total estimated fare will be discounted and a message “Promo applied” will appear next to the cost.



6. Once you have determined that a trip is eligible for the DCTA-sponsored $2 discount, click “Request Lyft” in the app.



Lyft will contact nearby drivers, and provide you information on the expected arrival time, driver identification, and vehicle information.




7. Lyft will text the customer when the driver is nearby and ready for pickup. After the customer’s ride is completed, the Lyft app will show the final fare with the applied $2 discount, and provide an opportunity to rate and tip the driver.



8. When a Lyft trip is completed, a discount will automatically apply to the user’s account whenever a trip is taken within the zone. (FYI – A customer only needs to enter RIDEDCTA2 once in the promotional code section)


We hope many of you take advantage of our Lyft discount program partnership! If you’ve used the discount program, we’d love to hear your feedback! Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below and/or through our GORequest customer tool.


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