How-To Guide for Booking Trips on our Denton Enterprise Airport On-Demand Pilot Service

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Need a DCTA ride to the Denton Enterprise Airport and surrounding businesses? Do you need it in real time? You need to check out our new Denton Enterprise Airport On-Demand pilot service. It’s FREE to use and will be available until January 14, 2019.

This service is great for people needing to access the airport and many surrounding businesses in the designated service zone, plus we have a stop at the University of North Texas (UNT) Fouts Field so students can use it to get to work.

Using our new pilot service is simple! We’ve provided an easy how-to guide which gives step-by-step instructions on how to book your next ride on the Microstransit mobile app or online. Let us know in the comment section below how you’re enjoying our new pilot service!


Booking a trip via the Microtransit mobile app

  1. Open the Microtransit app on your mobile device and select DCTA and the day of service from the options and then tap “Plan a Ride.”



  1. Select your pickup location and drop off location (you can use the designated stop, or you can enter in an address for your specific location). If you want to schedule your trip in advance, you can select a later time and/or date by tapping “ASAP” in the upper right corner.



  1. Add in any additional information and tap “Request Ride” when ready.



  1. Receive real-time prediction of pick-up time via text and the app.




Booking a trip via Desktop

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Book a Ride” in the left-hand menu


  1. Select the desired service.


  1. Select your pickup time and click on “Continue.” You have the option of either the next available or you can specify the date and time.


  1. Select your pickup location and click on “Select Pickup.” You can enter in an address in the “Custom Pickup” or you can click on your pickup location on the map.


  1. Select your drop-off location and click on “Select Drop-Off.” You can enter in an address in the “Custom Drop-off” or you can click on your pickup location on the map.


  1. Enter in any additional details such as number of passengers and if wheelchair access is required in the “Passenger Details” screen and click “Next.”


  1. Confirm your trip details and click on “Schedule Ride.”

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