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Capture This: January Photo Roundup

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We love seeing the photos our riders post of their DCTA experience and wanted to share some of the best ones we’ve seen this month! Want your five minutes of fame on our blog? Tag or mention us in your photos when you #RideDCTA and your picture could be featured next! Don’t forget to tell […]

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Hop on Board the Peyton Express Tour!

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Who doesn’t love trains? Of course we do, and many of you too – especially Peyton Boyer, a witty seven-year-old who made an adorable video with his dad about our A-train during this past Thanksgiving holiday! You can view his video here: After we saw this video, we knew we had to reach out […]

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Take Winter by Storm with Our Travel Preparedness Tips

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Commuting during the winter season is not always a pleasant experience – we get it! With this in mind, it’s important to always be prepared for inclement winter weather during your commute on our vehicles. We’ve put together some helpful tips for you to take winter by storm and be best prepared for any weather […]

December 7, 2016 / By / 2 Comments

Why We’re Thankful

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It’s that time of the year where everyone takes time to ponder on what they’re grateful for in their life. For us, there have been so many great opportunities and accomplishments we achieved this year – and we wanted to take the time to share those with you! Here are a just a few reasons […]

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UPDATE: Easy-to-Follow Steps to Use DCTA’s Uber Discount Program in Highland Village

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We want to make it easier for our passengers to get around Highland Village and have partnered with Uber to provide more transit options for those traveling within the designated Highland Village Zone. For this discount program, we’re offering a $2 discount for rides in the DCTA view on the Uber app. If you request […]

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