Best Makeup Application Tips While Riding DCTA

Rider Insider

No time to apply makeup in your already hectic morning? Let’s face it, we have so many chores to complete around the house that we can’t always fit in along with our beauty routine. Fortunately, you can use your commute time to apply your makeup, one less thing to worry about at home.   Etiquette […]

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The Five W’s of the Upcoming Denton Connect Bus Service Changes

In The Know

We recently held a series of open house events this past February to present the final proposal for Denton Connect Bus service changes scheduled to be implemented on May 15, 2017. These are the most dramatic changes that have been made to Denton Connect Bus service since DCTA took over service from the City of […]

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Why I Ride DCTA – Stefanie Houseman

Why I Ride DCTA

Stefanie of Denton rides the A-train to get around the DFW Metroplex. See what she had to say about us: Q: What do you enjoy most about riding DCTA? A: It’s way cheaper and easier than driving. I use the A-train to go visit my parents and friends when I have time off of school. Q: What […]

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Why I Ride DCTA – TJ Lima

Why I Ride DCTA

TJ of Denton rides the Denton Connect and UNT Shuttle routes as he pursues a degree at UNT. See what he had to say about us: Q: What do you enjoy most about riding DCTA? A: The ability to not have to worry about driving and gas prices. Q: What are some of your favorite things to […]

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Fun Things To Do in August!

Fun Things To Do

It’s the last vestige of summer, so it’s time to get in a few last-minute outings before school starts! August has a lot to offer for events around Denton County, including music, fun outdoor activities and several large craft fairs. MUSIC Gustavo Romero faculty recital (August 27, 29, 31, 8 p.m. Voertman Hall, UNT) – […]

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