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Step by Step: Access Where’s My Ride’s Online Portal on Your Phone

Rider Insider

Finding out when your bus or train will arrive is now in the palm of your hand! With Where’s My Ride, you can get text or voice notifications of your arrival time. For those wanting to access the online portal so you can actually follow the vehicles on your mobile phone, follow these simple instructions: […]

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4 Ways to Thank Your #DCTA Driver on National Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Fun Things To DoRider Insider

In 2013, 10.7 billion Americans used mass transit as a successful means of transportation. Whether you are searching for a way to relieve stress, striving to decrease your carbon footprint, or simply looking to save some cash, public transit is a great solution. Day in and day out, we depend on our bus and rail […]

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Ride Public Transit and Save Money for Spring Break Travel

Rider Insider

So, you’ve bought your airline tickets, booked the hotel and made plans on what days you’re going to the beach. Then you realize what parking your car at the airport is going to cost and you didn’t factor that into the budget. No worries, DCTA has you covered! For just a $10 regional day pass, […]

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DCTA’s Top 3 Transit-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

Fun Things To DoIn The KnowRider Insider

This Valentine’s Day, ditch your car and let us be your chauffeur! Check out some of our great transit-friendly date ideas for this special day:   Skip the dinner crowd and go out for brunch. Admit it – no one likes waiting in a long line for hours for a table on one of the […]

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Take Transit During Your Holiday Travels

Rider Insider

Traveling over the river and through the woods this holiday season? Consider taking transit to Grandma’s house! This year, it’s easier than ever to take transit to get around DFW and even the world. With DART’s new station at DFW Airport, along with existing stations at Love Field and Union Station, it makes it easy […]

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Check Out the Newly Revamped GORequest!

In The KnowRider Insider

Are you ever out on one of DCTA’s services and you see something that needs to be corrected? Have you encountered one of our vehicle operators who is exemplary in their job and you want to commend them publicly? Check out GORequest! Available in the Mac App Store, on Google Play or through the portal […]

November 4, 2014 / By / Post a Comment
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