Meet The Writers

Adrienne Hamilton

I’m a communications maven – managing DCTA’s traditional communications and digital marketing efforts to make sure we effectively convey our brand and messaging to the communities we serve and our staff. I love interacting with customers and media, as well as writing various stories and articles about how we are helping improve transportation options to meet the growing demand!

I love shopping and cooking, but one of my favorite hobbies is singing! Don’t be surprised if I randomly bust out in song due to my love of music and eclectic musical taste. I’m very outgoing and am known to be a bit of a drama queen – but I’m working on reining this in a bit! I’m also a bonafide foodie and love trying new restaurants. The most important things to me in life are my faith, family and friends!

Nicole Recker

I lead the strategic direction of an awesome team of marketers and communicators to better the communities that we serve. I love making a difference in Denton County. I have the unique opportunity to see the positive impact that our services have on the lives of the people who live down the street and next door. Seeing the effects of your efforts is very rewarding!

I love reading, cooking, and sewing. You can often find me and my husband in a coffee shop sipping on a latte completely engrossed in a book. I enjoy my Camp Gladiator workouts, hiking and taking my dogs for a run. I am a Texas Aggie through and through, so don’t be surprised to hear me start a conversation with “howdy.” I’m a bit of a firecracker! I love to take chances and try new things. No day is complete without a little caffeine and a lot of laughter.

Sarah Munson

I handle marketing initiatives, campaigns and events, and graphic design for DCTA to help increase brand awareness, which is just a fancy way of saying that I help the community understand who we are and what we can do for them. I love getting to work with a dynamic team that is dedicated to giving the best we can offer to the community.

Outside of the office, I’m a creative writer, amateur baker, toddler wrangler, and k-pop enthusiast. I love learning new things and finding outlets for my creative side, so it’s not unusual for me to have a new hobby every few months. My memory holds onto trivia longer than is strictly necessary, so I can recite all of the presidents in order (forwards and backwards) and tell you my freshman locker number (902) but might not be able to tell you what I ate for dinner last night.

Kayleigh Bywater

I’m DCTA’s marketing and community relations intern and help spread the word about how resourceful, helpful and awesome DCTA is through marketing strategies and events. I love going out into Denton County to talk to people and hear all about their experiences with DCTA while also sharing new, exciting things happening from within the organization. DCTA is such a huge help to so many people, and I love having a part in making peoples’ lives easier.

When I’m not working, I attend classes at the University of North Texas (UNT) as a digital and print journalism senior. While I’m usually on campus working as the Arts and Life Editor at the NT Daily newspaper, you may also see me cuddling my golden retriever, Gus, watching an episode of The Office for the 100th time, making it my mission to find the best queso in Texas or spending time with my fiancé, family and friends. If you ever want to really get me talking, I’m a pop culture freak. Whether it’s talking about the Flash, obsessing over Harry Potter or showing you one of my 250 Pop! Funko vinyl figures that I collect, just give me some coffee and I can tell you everything you want to hear (and if I talk too much, just show me some dog videos and I’ll quit talking instantly).

Jade Jackson

I’m the communications intern assisting the DCTA marketing team with public relations efforts. I love gaining experience distributing news releases to the press and helping manage DCTA’s social media channels. I’m a senior PR major at the University of North Texas also minoring in social sciences. I have a love for broadcast and writing as well which goes hand in hand with handling DCTA’s relationship with local news reporters and stations.

I’m originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and a proud Hoosier Texan. I enjoy watching The Walking Dead, Empire, This Is Us and Star. I’m obsessed with Michael Jackson and convinced myself for a long time that we were related. When I’m not interning at DCTA, I’m either sleeping, blogging or planning ahead for my future. I love watching YouTube videos and occasionally enjoy cooking healthy meals. I’m also a tomboyish fashionista that loves comfortable wear.

Jordan Suarez

I’m a marketing intern with a focus on program sales, but I’m a master of many trades and take on other small projects on a weekly basis including our Corporate Pass Program, LinkedIn articles, administrative tasks, research, etc. I love that DCTA allows room for growth and provides an environment I am sure to succeed in! It is truly rewarding to see the positive impact we make on the residents in the community.
One of my guilty pleasures is doing puzzles and I happen to love watching crime shows. Fun fact: I am slightly obsessed with elephants. I am also a huge sports fan and can often be found cheering for (aka yelling at) the TCU football and baseball teams, the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys. I am currently working towards my Master of Science degree in Counseling at the University of North Texas and I can’t wait to heal minds! Texas is now my forever home where I value my family, friends and faith.

Samantha Balderas

I communicate with passengers by answering inquires and resolving requests via DCTA social media platforms and GORequest. I love hearing what our customers have to say about our services whether it’s good or constructive! Their feedback is essential to providing better transportation services to the community.

I’m a proud Dentonite and an even prouder University of North Texas alumn. I’m a huge supporter of local businesses and I love shopping at the community market on the weekends. I have two amazing dogs—a corgi and a German Shepherd mix—named Korra and Sadie. When I’m not spending time with my fiancé and my dogs, I’m usually practicing photography or working on a new DIY project!

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