President’s Post – Balancing Community Needs with Fiscal Responsibility

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April 29, 2012 / By / 2 Comments

DCTA is now in the process of developing service improvements for both bus and rail in advance of schedule revision and publication in August.   While the economy is still struggling, it looks as if we can hold our own on service levels,  and we can at least consider modest improvements.  The residents and businesses of Denton, Highland Village, and Lewisville have been strong supporters of DCTA, and there is no shortage of requests for improved service.  Our challenge has been determining the best investment of funds to increase the overall utilization of the system.  The core of our challenge is to meet the needs of riders in a fiscally responsible way.  Our staff has done strong planning work to bring forward recommendations, and the DCTA Board has been involved in some rather spirited discussions in advance of this week’s public meetings.  We will be in all three cities (see for the schedule), and we very much look forward to your feedback.

While August sounds like a long time away, we need to make decisions in May to allow for any changes to be implemented smoothly.  Your feedback is important.  Past comments from meetings such as these have shaped the system we have now and future comments will shape the direction in the future.  Be  a part of our shared future and the opportunities it will bring.

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  1. Ms. Powers says:

    DCTA has been a life saver. My car died nearly two months back. I resorted to riding my bike, and while it has done wonders for my heart, as well as my weight loss, at 54 years of age, it can be taxing at times.

    This is where DCTA comes into play. I investigated using this system and learned that carrying my bike on both the A-train and bus system were permissible. Such a blessing! Life just became simpler. I only wish you ran on Sundays. I could then make it to church without riding my bike, while wearing a dress. 🙂

    Because I work in Lewisville, I am unable to get to work at 10 A.M.on Saturdays, due to the A-train schedule. Therefore I will have to relocate out of Denton as soon as possible. Such is life!

    In the meantime, would you consider running the A-train during your off peak hours. There really is a big demand. I enjoy the ride. It is pleasant, smooth and fast and efficient. Never late, which means I have to be on time or else. Believe me, I have experienced the ‘or else.’

    Thank you DCTA for making life a lot easier.

    Ms. Powers

    • RideDCTA says:

      Ms. Powers, glad you are enjoying the service. We are looking to start running the trains earlier on Saturday and during the mid-day. But the changes will not start until August. Thanks for riding and glad we can help ease some of life’s burdens. Safe travels.

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