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May 1, 2012 / By / 2 Comments
old town rail stop

old town rail stop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So April 30th was anything but a typical Monday afternoon commute for most of DCTA’s A-train passengers. DCTA experienced a major signal outage which required the A-train to run at restricted speeds. We realize that this made for a long and frustrating commute home. We are working with our contractor to diagnose the cause of the issue and identify ways to prevent this issue from reoccurring. You trust DCTA is going to deliver you home safely and timely. Yesterday, we only partially met your expectation. We will work to do better.

For those unable to attend our public meeting because of the schedule delays, our presentation is posted online. Some staff will also ride trains throughout the week to collect feedback on our August 20th changes. You can also provide feedback here, on Facebook, at or through twitter.

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