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While the A-train gets a great deal of the press with DCTA, it is essential to recognize the role of the bus system in the services we provide.  In FY11, over 2.4 million passengers boarded our buses in our service area.  This is reflective of a steady growth since the assumption of bus operations by DCTA, and is on a trend to continue.   These buses carried passengers throughout our communities to jobs,  essential services, and education.  The bus service also provide the “first mile” and “last mile” conections from the A-train.  We are pleased with the new buses we have, and look forward to the arrival of new buses for the UNT campus shuttle.  We remain focused on keeping the buses clean, well maintained and on-time.  Our drivers are key ambassadors for our agency, and they succeed on the front line of service to our riders day in and day out.

Let us know (  if we can improve our service to you in any way.

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