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Stressing the need to develop regional solutions to the challenge of air quality, the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T) are joining forces through the May to September ozone season to promote Employer Transit Benefits programs. In addition to the core tool of increased transit use, other approaches include van and carpools.

Employer Transit Benefits programs help reduce dangerous pollutants such as ozone while benefitting employers and employees, according to the North Texas Clean Air Coalition, an organization that promotes voluntary actions to improve air quality. In addition to lower commute stress and expense, the programs also allow private employers, nonprofit organizations and public agencies, as well as federal government agencies, to pay up to $2,760 annually in transportation fares for employees. Employees receive the benefit tax-free and employers get a full tax deduction. Employers also do not pay payroll taxes or other costs on the amount provided.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) states that on-road motor vehicles are the greatest contributors to ground-level ozone, a dangerous pollutant often found in North Texas air during the heated summer months. The organization recently ranked the DFW region among the top four for the highest eight-hour ozone concentrations.

Cooperation key to solving regional problem
The multi-media campaign provides the transportation agencies a cohesive voice when asking the public to “Stop Talking Out Your Tailpipe” and participate in Employer Transit Benefits programs or, encourage their employers to offer the programs. Campaign elements include a microsite, print and outdoor. Commuters can learn more about the programs offered by the two transit agencies by visiting

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