Another Meeting, More Important, But Difficult Decisions

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June 28, 2012 / By / 4 Comments

Today is the regular monthly board meeting of the DCTA Board of Directors. The main discussion point continues to be service levels on the A-train. Other topics to be discussed are updates on the FY13 budget development process, a report on the reauthorization bill, progress towards PTC implementation and the integration of the new vehicles. All the other topics impact what level of  service we are able to provide on DCTA’s transit system, including buses and trains.

The vision of our agency, which is set by our board, is to lead the advancement of public transportation alternatives, helping to improve Denton County’s economy and environment. At a very high level that means providing quality, effiecient and effective service that puts “cheeks in seats.” Easier said than done.

The difficult part is providing a level of service that is appropriate and meets the most needs within our resource limits. We also have to balance the needs of our entire system. Sometimes, the best way to improve ridership on one mode is to improve the connections and service characteristics of the other mode.

The DCTA board is regularly faced with tough decisions.  Today is no exception.

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  1. RideDCTA says:

    Yes. Packed room at the moment.

  2. Why is it being held during the day instead of in the evening when most of the people who ride can attend?

  3. Susan says:

    You must have a time machine! According to my watch, it’s only 3:37 pm, yet these posts were made at 6:17 pm and 7:21 pm today…

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