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In a posting today by TWU leadership, it was announced that the TWU student ID would no longer be valid for travel on the DCTA local bus system.  This announcement referenced a “change in policy” by DCTA.   While we value our relationship with TWU, this statement does not fully explain the course of events.  I feel it is important to clarify the issue for the benefit of all.  DCTA is supportive of the needs of our passengers, but we are also responsible to our taxpayers for doing so in a fiscally responsible manner.

For the past five years, a contract was in place between DCTA and TWU for students, faculty and staff to access the local bus system with their ID cards.  The contract amount did not change during this period while TWU student ridership and costs dramatically increased.  With the expiration date of the contract approaching this summer, DCTA staff met with TWU officials to renegotiate a reasonable price for this service.  A compromise was reached to still provide an affordable option for TWU students.  TWU is buying 10 ride pass books at a discounted rate from DCTA, and TWU is selling those at a discount of their choosing.

DCTA has in place a University Pass Program for the A-train which is available to the TWU community through the TWU portal as well as corporate annual passes being made available for the bus system, local system and the regional transit network.  Transit provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to the transportation needs of the university community.  It is a solution we are providing and will continue to provide to serve the needs of this vital educational institution.  We must do so in a manner that is fair and responsible to our entire constituency.

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