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The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) supports the North Central Texas Council of Governments’ Clean Air Action Day on July 7 and encourages Denton County residents to take action for clean air and ride DCTA Saturday for a little family fun and then tell us about it by logging your commitment at www.airnorthtexas.org.

Whether weekend plans include entertainment and fun, time on the lake, chores, errands, work or all of these, clean air choices can be part of the mix. There are nearly 20 different ways individuals can reduce ozone-causing pollution on Clean Air Action Day and beyond.

Riding transit is certainly one of many ways North Texans will participate in this year’s Clean Air Action day. To provide a little incentive, DCTA will offer free rides this Saturday on Connect bus service and on the A-train to passengers who use the secret code, “Clean Air.” Simply say “Clean Air” to the bus operator, conductor or fare enforcement officer and enjoy your ride on DCTA.

This is the first time the annual Clean Air Action Day is on a Saturday, but it’s always held in the height of ozone season to remind and energize North Texans to take action for clean air. There are clean air choices for how North Texans can:

Enjoy the lake
Kayaking; canoeing; pack a picnic lunch in reusable containers; grill with propane instead of coal; limit engine operation at full throttle and eliminate unnecessary idling when boating. 

Get from place to place
Carpooling; riding mass transit; bicycling; walking; calling for a low-emitting taxi or limousine; using vehicle-approved biofuels; choosing a clean vehicle option if purchasing a new vehicle. 

Drive when more air-friendly travel options do not meet needs
Combining trips; avoiding idling; maintaining consistent driving speed by avoiding quick accelerations and hard braking. 

Tackle weekend chores
Pursuing energy efficient home improvements; switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs; using an electric, hand or alternative-fuel lawnmower; confirming vehicle emissions and safety inspection is current; ensuring regular vehicle maintenance such as tire pressure checks and oil and filter changes are up to date. 

Explore North Texas
Buying local or in more walkable areas where less driving is required; choosing entertainment and dining in areas where less driving is required.

In addition to logging commitments at www.airnorthtexas.org, residents can upload photos, videos and stories about their experiences July 7.

Improving air quality is the responsibility of everyone, from the 6.5 million residents to the businesses employing them and the governments making decisions every day. Air quality impacts every North Texan, and it will take the entire region working together to continue to improve it.

The region is making progress in improving air quality, but much more work must be done. Meeting the federal air quality standard is important for the health and quality of life of residents. High ozone levels can make it more difficult to breathe deeply, cause shortness of breath and pain when taking a deep breath, or cause coughing and a sore or scratchy throat. Breathing ozone-polluted air also aggravates lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Children, elderly and people with these conditions are more sensitive to ozone, but even healthy adults can be affected.

The annual Clean Air Action Day, celebrated each July 7 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., is an opportunity for North Texans to do something extra to improve air quality and in turn help protect the health of North Texans and preserve the economic vitality of the region.

Take action. RideDCTA.

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