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The A-train between Denton (DDTC) and Carrollton  (DART Trinity Mills Green Line Station) opens up many possibilities for the areas around our stations.  In addition to linking passengers to the local and regional transit systems, appropriate development near the stations will bring positive benefits for the local community and the region.  These benefits include increased property values, improved air quality, and increased accessibility to jobs and businesses.  Initial efforts will likely focus on residential development and service retail, with an ultimate goal of incorporate office and entertainment into the mix.

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is typically located within a walkable distance from the stations (1/4-1/2 mile), is more dense/compact, and incorporates a mixed set of uses.  The Urban Land Institute has been a leader in the development of design guidelines for TOD, and the link below gives some good guidelines developed from a study of successful TOD projects.

While many of the historical examples of TOD have focused on the Heavy  Rail (New York City and Washington, D.C.) and Light Rail (Dallas and Portland), we have already seen signs of development linked to the DCTA A-train in Lewisville (Hebron 121 Station) and Denton (Victoria Station) with many additional opportunities.  DCTA has an agency goal to support TOD, and the full success of the effort will require a strong partnership between the property owner, land developer, City, and transit agency.  The steps DCTA will take as we move forward include:

  • Engage the City planning processes to identify and encourage TOD
  • Work closely with potential developers to identify opportunities to better access and utilize station property while continuing to properly serve our ridership base.
  • Ensure the bus system and the A-train provide sound linkages for expanded coverage
  • Serve as the local champion for TOD whenever we can

Imagine a future that will include commuting to work without the need for an automobile for any part of the trip or being a family with kids and only requiring one car.  These are realities if we proceed forward in the best possible way.  Help us build the vision.

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