What other ways can DCTA better engage t

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April 12, 2013 / By / 1 Comment

What other ways can DCTA better engage the community and seek input on services? We love hearing from customers. #DCTAPubMtg #wearelistening

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1 Comment

  1. Myra Walker says:

    One word: Restrooms!!!!
    I am not sure what individual made the short-sighted decision to order trains with No Facilities Whatsoever? Really ?
    This needs to be addressed in the most immediate future- Please!!!!!
    Retrofit a basic chemical toilet in the engine cars would help now. Order future trains w toilets! Let’s face facts: no one is on the A-Train unless you need to come or go from Denton, in which case one drinks liquids , such as coffee – hello? Water- hello? Sodas – hello? Even your own employees agree that access to a toilet would be the one great addition. If I am commuting from the Green line to the A Train and back- I Need to be able to go to the toilet – ???

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