The Golden Rules of Public Transportation Etiquette

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August 20, 2015 / By / 2 Comments

Riding public transportation can be a fun and pleasant experience. However, when people don’t behave appropriately while riding public transit, it can make for an unpleasant ride. Don’t be the person everyone despises by not following proper public transportation etiquette. Below are quick tips to follow to ensure a smooth ride for both you and others around you:

  1. Wait before entering. Allow passengers to exit the vehicle before you board.
  2. No seat hogging! Choose one seat in which to sit. Be considerate of other people who are boarding the train or bus and offer your seat to those who need one. Don’t take up extra seats with your personal items or recline across multiple seats.
  3. Turn down the noise. When listening to music, use headphones that cannot be heard by other passengers. If you’re talking on the phone or having a face-to-face conversation with someone else – speak quietly.
  4. Don’t be trashy. When exiting the vehicle, make sure to gather all of your belongings and don’t leave trash behind.

Be sure to pass these tips on to everyone you know who rides public transportation! What other tips would you add to our list?

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  1. Lola says:

    I ride the bus quite a bit .and for the most part im always respectful but i think the college kids shouldnt hog the front seats so much from the elderly and disabled…im not elderly but i am Disabled i have Aspergers and physical challenges and no stranger to the bus co.aparently i fall under the one you like seeing category.but its also a joint effort the bus drivers cant recall everyone but if your new just because you have had a crummy day or a crummy client before you no reason to lash out at the next rider but you do have your drivers that stand out like Alex or judy or george even Troy and the old guy ron and a few others but you also have some great new ones like ricky on 7# but some bungholes too..theres no call for rudeness on either end but i speak for myself when i say thank you i have a hard time getting around and ive had a pretty decent experience and try not to give the co too much crap or the drivers since people seem to be doing it for me anyway if the seats werent bogarted by unt when someone on a walker or one youre aware is disabled that make it easier i rember riding the 5# a couple weeks ago and whole mess of unt and twu kids and i had to stand and hold on to a bar that wouldnt have sucked so bad if i didnt have a rail against my lower back and hurting me im a spine fusion paitent and ive asked college kids before not my problem they left their manners at home but even though im disabled i always try to give my seat to someone in crummier shape than i anyway thanks anyway and Godbless and for what its worth your not that crummy and a help to pedestrians like me

    • RideDCTA says:

      We appreciate your feedback and will be sure to this information to our Ops team to address and resolve! We encourage you to send any future suggestions and feedback such as this to our GORequest system so that your comments will reach appropriate staff members and they can respond in a timely manner. You can access our GORequest system here:

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