DCTA Enters Phase Three of A-train Rail Stations Landscaping Project

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Since last August, we have been working diligently on beautifying our A-train rail stations with enhanced landscaping to improve our sustainability efforts that will greatly benefit the communities we serve. The project work includes mulching, irrigation repair, and plant and tree replacement at our five rail stations – Euline Brock Downtown Denton Transit Center (DDTC), MedPark, Highland Village/Lewisville Lake, Old Town and Hebron. The total project cost is $419,000 and we are working with All Around Landscape and Construction (AALC Inc.) to make all the necessary landscape improvements.


Our goal is to complete the project this spring! Below are three main project phases in which we are working to improve and maintain landscaping at our A-train stations:

  1. Phase One – Irrigation Repair: During this phase which occurred last August/September, we fixed irrigation issues at the DDTC, MedPark, Highland Village/Lewisville Lake, Old Town and Hebron Stations which will help improve our sustainability efforts by using less water.
  2. Phase Two – Hardscaping: This winter we did extensive mulching to help with erosion control at the DDTC, MedPark, Highland Village/Lewisville Lake, Old Town and Hebron Stations. In order to enhance security efforts, we replaced high shrubs at some of our rail stations with ballast rock (decomposed granite) to improve passenger’s line of sight when they park their car.
  3. Phase Three – Plant and Tree Replacement: This spring, we will replace non-native plants with native and drought tolerant plants that are easy to maintain that and will help cut back on water costs at MedPark, Highland Village/Lewisville Lake, Old Town and Hebron Station.

Currently, we are in phase three of the project – replacing and planting new trees and plants at MedPark, Old Town and Hebron Stations.


All project phases will greatly help with our goal of operating a sustainable system. The extensive mulching will enable us to retain and use less water, and help with erosion control that will decrease runoff to nearby storm sewers and creeks. In addition, by replacing old plants with new sun-friendly and drought-tolerant plants (i.e. gold mound spirea flowers and Mexican feather grass) we will be “more green” by using less water to maintain our plants. Last by not least, our irrigation system maintenance program will use less water at our rail stations with the insertion of new tree rings, irrigation bubbles and enhanced weather station with irrigation clocks.

Check out our video below to see all the past and current efforts that have been done. We plan to post more information and updates on this project – so make sure to stay tuned to our Hop on Board blog for more updates, pictures and videos!

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