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One of the reasons people choose to ride public transit is to use their commute time for something more productive and enjoyable than staring at the back of the car ahead of them. But what are you doing to maximize that time for yourself? Well, we’ve got a list of must-haves to make your commute more comfortable, enjoyable, and productive!


  • A Tablet: This wonderful electronic device can do so many things, it’s a wonder it hasn’t figured out how to teleport you home on its own. Until the day that changes, a tablet will help pass the time from Point A to Point B. You can work, game, or read, but did you know you can also watch movies or television without WiFi? Most subscription streaming services now offer a download option. So load up your tablet with your favorite episodes and hit the road to fun!


  • Noise Cancelling Headphones: This goes hand-in hand with your table, smart phone, or music device. Enjoy your commute while letting everyone else enjoy theirs, too!


  • Portable Charger: With all the tech available (and practically required) in modern life, one of the best ways to ruin your commute is to run out of battery. Get yourself a portable charger to make sure you’re never caught without a charge. They even come built-in inside these cute purses!


  • Handheld Game Console: Want to feel like a kid again? Hook yourself up with a handheld game console to help pass the time and save the princess!


  • Fitness Tracker: Public transit commuters get more steps in than most people, sometimes before anyone else is out of bed! Why not get credit for your steps? Pick out a personal fitness tracker that fits your style and make tracks while tracking.


What are your commute must-haves? Leave them in the comments below! And don’t forget to fill out our passenger survey at!

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