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As Christmas gets closer, we know that some of you may be scrambling to finish your holiday shopping. As our lives get busy, the holiday season can sneak up on us and we’re left still trying to check off items for our Christmas shopping list.

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for someone that has a commuter lifestyle then look no further! We’ve put together a holiday gift guide for last-minute shoppers for that special commuter in your life – whether you’re on a budget or can splurge a bit:


For the Thrifty Shoppers ($49 and below):

  • Lint Roller – A small, retractable lint roller ($7) is easy to store and sure to keep you looking fresh and clean for your office appearance, despite what you may encounter between home and work.
  • Refillable Perfume BottlesThese are a great way for commuters to get that last minute fragrance touch up before entering an important meeting without having to lug around a large bottle (around $7). Make sure you don’t spray on too much perfume while riding our train or bus. Believe us, other riders want you to smell good, but don’t get crazy!
  • Phone Battery Pack and Flashlight – This two in one battery pack and flashlight ($11) will give you the convenience of charging your phone on-the-go, while also providing a hand flashlight for the evening commutes!
  • Compact Water Bottle – Everyone gets thirsty as their activity level rises, which is why it is a good idea to have a collapsible water bottle ($25) or a pocket-sized water bottle ($22). Make sure they are spill-proof per our Rider Code of Conduct.
  • Travel Pillow/Scarf – It’s so easy to feel tired as the week goes on, so don’t forget to pack your travel pillow/scarf ($23) as it does a wonderful job of keeping you warm this holiday season while also providing a great environment for a quick nap before and after work on our A-train or bus.


For the “Big Spender” Shoppers ($50 and above):  

  • Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone – Don’t get caught trying to plug your ears to hear what the person on the other line is saying or having to yell so they can hear you. Grab some Sony Bluetooth earphones with a built in microphone for easy hands free use for just $68.
  • Wifi Hotspot – Having a wifi connection can be super useful during a commute to be able to answer emails or further your learning in your spare time, make sure to check out Karma, which lets you chose from many plans, including the 10GB for $89!
  • Fitbit – If you’re getting your steps in, you might as well track them! Choose from a variety of Fitbits to help you keep your exercise in check, including the Fitbit Alta for $99!
  • LifeProof Phone Case – It’s so easy to accidently drop your phone when in a hurry and commuting on our A-train or bus. Make sure your phone is protected with the LifeProof NÜÜD case, which is waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and drop proof. This full coverage case is only $99, so don’t miss out. Check out LifeProof’s many other cases here.
  • Slash Proof Bag – If you’ve ever worried about losing your things, worry no more by purchasing this Travelon Anti- theft Satchel ($72) or the Slingsafe Anti-Theft Backpack ($70). Perfect for the your on-the-go family member or friend who commutes on a regular basis.


Comment below and tell us your favorite gift ideas for the special commuter in your life. We look forward to seeing you riding DCTA with some of these cool items!

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