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Denton County has a variety of structures, sites and buildings that showcase its rich historical heritage. From museums, restaurants, theatres and old residences, there are tons of ways to learn about the unique past of Denton County in the present and we can help you get there!

Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum in Denton

The Courthouse-on-the-Square, built in 1896, once served as the seat for the Denton County government. Today, this courthouse serves as one of Denton County’s most well-known structures and as the main centerpiece of the downtown square in Denton. This historical courthouse now includes the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum and John B. Denton’s gravesite. Admission to the museum is FREE! You can also find a variety of events hosted at this local gem throughout the year- from Twilight Tunes, lectures, exhibits and more.

To get to the Downtown Denton Square, ride our Denton Connect Routes 7 and 8. For more information, visit dentoncounty.com/Departments/History-and-Culture/Office-of-History-and-Culture/VISIT/MUSEUMS.aspx

Campus Theatre in Denton

The city of Denton is home to endless amounts of artistic talent and some of it can be found at the historical Denton Campus Theatre. This theatre was originally built as a movie house in 1949 and was one of the few go-to locations for a fun night out in Denton. The movie house shut down in 1985 and was rebuilt 10 years later as a performing arts venue. Today, the Campus Theatre hosts different film festivals, plays and musicals throughout the year as a symbol and source of support for the artistic and cultural events that happen in Denton.

To get to the Denton Campus Theatre, ride our Denton Connect Route 7.  For more information, visit campustheatre.com/

Denton County Historical Park

Just a short walk from the Downtown Denton Square, residents and visitors can come together to learn about the history of Denton in a variety of ways. In this park, you can find multiple historical structures such as the Bayless-Selby House Museum, the Quakertown House Museum and the Denton County Welcome Center. This historical park hosts reoccurring community events such as the Denton Community Market, live music concerts, storytelling events, tours and more.

To visit a piece of Denton’s history, ride our Denton Connect Routes 7 and 8.  For more information on the historical park, visit dentoncounty.com/Departments/History-and-Culture/Office-of-History-and-Culture/VISIT/MUSEUMS.aspx.

Greater Lewisville Community Theatre

Can you guess which building is the oldest standing in Lewisville? It’s the Greater Lewisville Community Theatre! Since its construction in 1885, this building has had its fair share of different purposes. Located in Old Town Lewisville, it was originally built as Cobb’s Dry Goods Store then later repurposed as a church. In 2003, interior and exterior renovations began that helped transform the building into the theatre it is today. With neon lights and marquee signs out front, the Greater Lewisville Community Theatre proudly puts on full seasons of stage plays inside.

To visit, ride our A-train to the Old Town station or our Lewisville Connect Route 21 and 22.  For more information, visit glct.org/.

Tierney’s Cafe & Tavern in Old Town Lewisville

Did you know Bonnie and Clyde made Lewisville one of their hideout spots? From time to time, Dr. J.W. Kennedy would be blindfolded and taken to Bonnie and Clyde’s hideout near what is now covered by Lewisville Lake to provide them with medical care. Although Dr. Kennedy’s Victorian-style house is no longer used as a residence, it still has many of its original structures such as dining rooms and a library. In the early 1980s the home was converted to a restaurant by local family. In the early 1990s, the building also served as an antique mall, “Wishing Well Antiques”, which was named after the old well that was once located inside the building. Today, this building stands as Tierney’s Cafe and Tavern.

To visit, ride our A-train to the Old Town station or our Lewisville Connect Route 21 and 22.  For more information, visit tierneyscafeandtavern.com/

Doubletree Ranch Park in Highland Village

While Doubletree Ranch Park is new and shiny, the land it sits on is part of the original ranch land that belonged to the city’s first mayor, Robert DuVall. It is even said that the area was a popular hideout for Sam Bass, the notorious highwayman, because of the trees and hills. Much of Highland Village was ranch land when the city was incorporated in 1963. Today when you visit the new park on the former ranch land, remember that you’re standing on a piece of history!

To visit, take a ride using our Highland Village Lyft Zone. For more information, visit highlandvillage.org/112/History-of-Highland-Village.

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    I love this! As someone who didn’t have a car for all of college, using DCTA and knowing all the options was a huge help for me. It’s great to know there’s still more things to explore that I haven’t already!

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