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If you’ve ever experienced a Texas summer, then you know how challenging it can be to dress for work and avoid the inevitable summer sweats, especially when taking public transit. From unsightly pit stains to sweaty hair, the summer heat has a way of ruining any attempt to be fashion-forward. I have faced decades of Texas summers and have found several helpful ways to combat the heat and still look chic. Here are my go-to tips ranging from a low budget to a high budget:


It all comes down to fabric choices. Silk, Rayon, polyester and Nylon are NOT your friends! Choose more breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and jersey. Although these fabrics tend to look more casual, you can totally up the wow factor by adding accessories or fabulous shoes.

Some of my favorite, work-appropriate summer dresses are:

  • Everlane Luxe Cotton Side-Slit Tee Dress – $50 – http://bit.ly/30GxXcB
  • Urban Outfitters UO Natalie Linen Belted Shirt Dress – $59 – http://bit.ly/2M211ra
  • Nordstrom Ellen Fit and Flare Cotton Dress – $198 – http://bit.ly/2GiFzKC


This is a tough one for me because I prefer to dress in dark colors. But during the summer, I find alternative ways to incorporate black and navy into my summer wardrobe. Opt for light colors in clothing and dark colors in shoes and accessories. Dark colors attract the sun and hold in heat, which is a disaster waiting to happen.

Some of my favorite bright and airy wardrobe items are:

  • Old Navy Patterned Peplum-Hem Shirt – $17- https://oldnvy.me/32zVQ7H
  • Banana Republic Eyelet Top – $71.99 – http://bit.ly/2SnUPus
  • Anthropologie Corey Lunn Calter Piet Linen Skirt – $129 – http://bit.ly/2JQ5dYj


The cut of your clothes is everything during the summer. Avoid tight clothes because they will naturally keep you warmer and sweat will be much more visible. Try clothes that have a looser fit for breathability. If loose clothes aren’t your jam, find options that hug your curves in the right places rather than hugging you from head to toe.

Some of my favorite breezy wardrobe items are:

  • Zara Embroidered Blouse – $19.99 – https://go.zara/2JUSMdy
  • Target Women’s Floral Print Sleeveless Button-Down Shirtdress – $34.99 – http://bit.ly/2YjlHRH
  • Free People Sasha Pants – $69.95 – http://bit.ly/2Y6B5RF


We all know that cotton frocks often look less professional than a stunning suit, but adding layers (that you don’t have to wear while in route) can amp up your look in a jiffy. I love to add a denim jacket or statement necklace with some of my more casual pieces to take them up a notch.

Some of my favorite laying pieces are:

  • Gap Icon Denim Jacket – $34.99 – http://bit.ly/32CdreW
  • Francesca’s Tammi Metal Row Statement Necklace – $26 – http://bit.ly/2xZlwfQ

Go Bag

When in doubt, just be prepared. You never know when a heatwave is going to greet you at the door… it is Texas after all! I always keep a small “go bag” of items necessary when sweat takes over. You can customize your go bag with any items that you want, but here are the staples I keep in mine:

  • Refreshing Body Mist – $20.99 – http://bit.ly/2YdSEip
  • Mini Cell Phone Fan -$12.99 – https://amzn.to/2SqLoKS
  • Deodorant -$7.98 – http://bit.ly/2Sp8ce6
  • Oil Blotting Papers -$8.00 – https://seph.me/2YdYgcN
  • Baby Powder -$6.99 – http://bit.ly/2M24Yfc
  • Spiral Hair Ties -$9.99 – https://amzn.to/2M1Dir3

I’d love to know more about your go-to fashion tips for warm weather. Share your tips and tricks in the comment section below!

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