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With each new college semester comes changes. New classes, new friends and a new DCTA service schedule! This semester though, more than just the schedules are changing. We’re also implementing a new route numbering system and will start with our University of North Texas (UNT) Campus Shuttle service. Check out what these changes mean below!

What do the Changes Look Like?

The new UNT Campus Shuttle numbering system is broken up into four categories: route acronym, group, route and schedule. These changes may seem scary at first, but it will help give passengers a visible identifier so it’s easier to tell where a bus is going and what schedule it’s on!

Route Acronym

The route acronym is an abbreviation of the route names you already know and love!

  • BST= Bernard Street
  • CP= Centre Place
  • CE= Colorado Express
  • NT= North Texan
  • DP= Discovery Park
  • EP= Eagle Point
  • MG= Mean Green


The group number represents the service. Since the UNT campus shuttles are the first service to undergo this numbering change, it is group 1! As we switch more services over to this numbering system there will be more group numbers to represent those services (i.e Denton Connect, Lewisville Connect, etc.).


Along with the route acronym, the new numbering system will also have a spot to specify the route.

1= Mean Green

2= North Texan

3= Eagle Point

4= Discovery Park

5= Centre Place

6= Bernard Street

7=Colorado Express


Last but not least, the final number on the new route numbering system represents the schedule. There are nine schedule options that will get you to where you need to go.

1= Normal Weekday

2= Normal Friday

3= Normal Weekend

4= Summer Full Service

5= Summer Limited Service

6= Night Service

7= Scheduled Detour

8= Limited Service

9= Contra (Reverse)

Check out our downloadable guides below you can save to your phone to use as reference!

We know change can be difficult, but this new numbering system benefits our passengers and drivers! What do you think of the new numbering system? Let us know in the comment section below!

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