#AskDCTA: How can I ride DCTA safely to the polls for the 2020 Election?

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Want to know how to become a bus operator? Don’t know how to read a DCTA schedule? You can #AskDCTA! In our monthly blog content series, we answer frequently asked rider questions to better engage with our riders and improve their experience when riding DCTA. This month, we tackled a topic on everyone’s minds: How to ride DCTA safely to the polls for the 2020 Election.

1. How can I get to the polls to vote in the 2020 Election?

This one is easy, #RideDCTA FREE! We’re offering free rides on election day on select services so you don’t have to worry about fare. Even better, no proof of voter registration or destination is required to ride free on these days.

The promotion will be valid on the following DCTA services:

  • A-train commuter rail
  • Connect Bus system (Denton and Lewisville)
  • University of North Texas (UNT) Campus Shuttles
  • Lewisville Lakeway On-Demand
  • Downtown Denton Transit Center (DDTC) Evening On-Demand

If you plan on transferring to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) or Trinity Metro services on November 3, check each respective agencies’ websites for more information on their free Election 2020 free ride promotions.

2. What’s the best way to plan my DCTA trip to the polls?

Check out our A-train and Connect Bus schedules when planning your trip. Passengers can use our Transit Tracker system to find and track their ride via the mobile app, online, text or calling our customer service team at 940-243-0077. For trip planning needs, passengers can also utilize our Trip Planner at RideDCTA.net.

3. Where can I vote in Denton County?

Denton County voters can locate their polling places at votedenton.com or by using the Denton County interactive map. Election Day voting is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you don’t know if you’re registered to vote, check your registration status at votedenton.com.

4. How can I stay safe when I #RideDCTA to the polls?

DCTA has worked diligently during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis so you can rock the vote the safe way! We encourage passengers to exercise proper safety techniques to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Simple ways you can stay safe include:

  • Wearing a face covering and maintain social distancing
  • Waiting for others to disembark before boarding a DCTA vehicle
  • Bringing your own personal hand sanitizer to utilize before and after voting
  • Get to the polls early to avoid crowds

Read our blog below to learn more about how to stay safe when you ride and what we’re doing at DCTA to keep our passengers and employees safe.

We hope we helped answer all your questions about riding DCTA to the polls! Have another question you want us to answer? Here’s how you can submit them:

  • Send your feedback via our GORequest online customer service tool and choose the menu option “#AskDCTA Series”
  • Post your question on our Twitter or Facebook page (be sure to use #AskDCTA)
  • Drop a note in the comments section on our Hop on Board blog

While we can’t guarantee that every question submitted will be answered, we will consider all inquiries and will feature questions that will greatly benefit most of our riders!

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