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There’s no doubt 2020 has been a crazy year! The term of the year is “social distancing,” and as Thanksgiving approaches some of you might be wondering if Black Friday is canceled. Thankfully, the answer is no! But, Black Friday will be different this year.

At DCTA, we want to help get you to all the great shopping deals on Black Friday. Learn what you need to know about your Black Friday in-person shopping strategy while keeping safety and health at the forefront of your mind! 

Here are a few tips to make your travel and shopping experience even smoother this year:

Practice Safety First

Grab your masks and hand sanitizer and hop on our A-trainDenton Connect Buses, Lewisville Connect Buses or schedule a Lyft ride to get you to all your favorite local shopping destinations, including Golden Triangle Mall, the downtown Denton Square, the Shops of Highland Village and Music City Mall in Lewisville. Read our blog below to learn how you can stay safe when you #RideDCTA!

Check the Schedule 

Don’t forget we will not operate any service on Thanksgiving Day, but once we get our turkey fix, we’ll be back at it Friday, November 27, with a modified schedule. Go ahead and eat that extra slice of pumpkin pie while you look at our holiday service schedule so you can beat the traffic, avoid the parking lot chaos and investigate all the good deals you won’t be missing out on. 

Get the “Real-Time” Inside Scoop 

Our convenient Transit Tracker provides real-time information on our service arrival times via web browser, text message or by phone when you dial in for automated voice information. You can also download the free Transit Tracker mobile app from Google Play or Apple Stores for instant information on vehicle locations, nearby stops, step-by-step transit directions and notifications about when to leave for your next trip.

Plan Ahead

Be sure to check your route’s arrival time before heading out for your shopping trip. Always arrive at your stop at least five minutes earlier than the scheduled departure time and have your fare in hand. When buying your ticket, make sure you are buying the correct ticket for your journey! DCTA gives you the option of buying your ticket online or in person. We even have a contactless payment option through the GoPass mobile app.  

Have a Strategy 

Consider in advance the stores you’d like to visit and the items you’re looking for. If you are a hardcore Black Friday Shopper check out these apps that will help you maximize your deal-finding! Be sure and evaluate apps before downloading them. Warning signs to look for are apps with no reviews, poor grammar and no history of previous versions.

Don’t Buy More Than You Can Carry 

If you plan to buy a lot of items (or some bulky ones), bring a folding cart for your shopping bags. If you don’t have a cart or choose to bring one, we ask that you only carry on two bags maximum. Rest assured DCTA is mobility-convenience friendly if your trip requires the use of a folding cart, wheelchair, stroller, bike or other types of carriage, we’re ready and able to accommodate you!

Create a Family Plan with Your Kids 

If you’re shopping with children, discuss what to do in case you’re separated. Select a central meeting place, make sure they know they can ask mall personnel, store security, or a DCTA employee for help, and make sure they have your cell phone number memorized and write it down for them to carry in their pocket. Children ages five through 18 also have a reduced fare when they #RideDCTA!

Know What’s on Sale … and What’s Not 

Black Friday is the right time to buy televisions, computers, small appliances, clothing and even food, especially seasonal specialties such as chocolates and nuts. Home furnishings, on the other hand, are better left for after-Christmas sales. Some websites that can point you toward the best items to shop for on Black Friday include and 

Pack (and Dress) for Comfort 

Grab a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated —spending money can make you thirsty! Remember to wear comfortable shoes, dress in layers and bring along a phone charger, just in case! Don’t forget to grab a big reusable bag or two from home to reduce the number of plastic bags you’ll carry and make your ride home easier. First-time rider? Check out our blog post on the best riding tips for the winter from seasoned riders themselves!

Make DCTA Your Best Holiday Deal of All! 

Traffic on Black Friday can be hectic – so leave your car at home and let us help make your shopping experience easy, comfortable, safe and convenient!

What’s on your shopping list for this year and what are your favorite places to shop for the best deals? Comment below and let us know how and where you #RideDCTA on Black Friday!

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