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The Aurora application was designed to be a MIDI controller you can use to send MIDI meassages to any external device or other application.
Select the MIDI out device from the device menu on the top right corner.
By clicking on the space you will trigger different lights that would start to send continuously the note related to their position in the Y axis.
The life of the light and its volumen curve depends on how long you hod the mouse down. The longer the mouse is down the longer the light will live and its volume curve will be softer.







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Aurora is a MIDI controller with a screen
that you can use to send MIDI messages to any application,
it is very easy to use, just select any application on your system
and then use the mouse to change the level and/or
the volumne curve of each of the X,Y and Z lights.
You can trigger
4 different lights,
control the position of each of the lights in 3 dimensions,
control the number of sounds for each of the lights
and if the lights are lit up or not in each of the lights.
You can assign names to each of the lights and also the sounds, if you want.
As a developer you can also get the
X,Y and Z coordinates for each of the lights
and more,
to get the coordinates you
simply have to click on one of the lights,
then it will activate the ‘x,y or z Light number’ button and then click on the first coordinates button on the top of the window.
After you know the coordinates you can get a whole bunch of information from them
like this:
The first one shows the coordinates that your mouse is
surrounded by, so you can just click where you want to trigger the
The second one shows the X,Y and Z coordinates of each of the lights.
So if your mouse is in a specific location you can trigger all of them.
And if you get the mouse coordinates you can have the mouse interact with them by moving it on them or even triggering a MIDI file.
You can control the volumne curve of each of the lights in 4 different
The first one is slow and soft, it is good for mixing music, very similar to the way that
we would use a mixer to adjust the level of a wav file.
The second one is medium fast and soft
that one is great for recording music, you can use this one to adjust the level of the sound.
And the last one is fast and strong, and it is good for quick touch ups.
You can assign names to each of the lights and sounds.
If you want.
You can use them as MIDI triggers and the temperature of each
of the lights will show you how close the lights are to reach the desired temperature,
and then the default temperature will be the one when the lights are on.
You can also trigger all the lights at once.
In this way

IXI Aurora [Latest] 2022

– Send MIDI to any external devices
– Very easy to use
– Totally customizable
– Different lights which are triggered by clicking on the SPACE BAR

Thanks for your interest!
If you have ideas on how this could be improved, feel free to drop me a comment or a mail to ixtrophy@gmail.com.
Have a nice day and enjoy the app!

The music visualization inside this app is totally made with graphics, you can change the style to get the look you want.
Tuning, faders, transpose and all other things on this application are not animated.
Also every note can be turned on or off via a MIDI command.

– Send MIDI to any external devices
– Allows multiple devices
– You can change which device you want to use by pressing the left/right arrow keys
– Choose from the different devices in the menu from the top right corner
– You can also chose the MIDI in device
– Perfect way to copy an existing song or to compose a new one

Here is what you can do with this app:
1. Drag and Drop your MIDI files
2. Play with different scales/modes
3. Change the tempo
4. Change the freq.
5. Change the transpose
6. Change the key

– The notes are not recorded like with an existing MIDI player.

Please, feel free to share this app with your friends.
Have a nice day!

Aurora is a device that allows you to send MIDI messages, useful for different musical instruments.
It will turn those MIDI notes on and off while you move the cursor with the mouse.

Aurora was designed to help you to send MIDI messages of all kind to any external device or app.

There are different devices inside this app.

– MIDI Out Device
– MIDI in Device
– In this video we will be using a low cost affordable piano.

The MIDI output device is where you select the note, octave, velocity and whatever MIDI parameters you want and then you can send it to any device via MIDI.

The MIDI input device allows you to select the kind of MIDI messages you want.
The MIDI out device is used to send MIDI messages for different musical instruments like keyboards, harpsichords, etc.
In this video we will be using a MIDI keyboard to generate a note if you press the left or

IXI Aurora

What’s New In?

This is an extremely easy to use application.
You just need to select a device to which you want to send the note and point on the corresponding axis.
Next, I’ll select a different model of light and point my mouse where to and how long I want to be until that light will send my note.


Added a pre-built sample file included the Metronome Pack
(Included the colors and the lights of the colors)

How to use this pack:

To activate the lights you can use your mouse.
You can use these lights to any combination of parameters of your liking.

All the lights can be modifed as you want.

You just need to know how to use the Color Wheel

I’ve put on this demo a pre built sample file with the colors and the lights of these colors.

I hope you like it.


If you are selling your music/game/logic/sounds/etc. etc. and want a credit for it. You can ask for a promotion on our facebook page and it will be included in the next version of Aurora.

We are obliged to do this because we want to maintain an open source application.


Windows 7 SP1 or higher.

Hardware MIDI Interface.

IXI Aurora Demo

Aurora Demo

Undefined Note

Color 5

Color 6

Color 7

Color 8

Color 10

Color 11

Color 12

Color 13

Color 14

Color 15

Color 16

Color 17

Color 18

Color 19

Color 20

Color 21

Color 22

Color 23

Color 24

Color 25

Color 26

Color 27

Color 28

Color 29

Color 30

Color 31

Color 32

Color 33

Color 34

Color 35

Color 36

Color 37

Color 38

Color 39

Color 40

Color 41

Color 42

Color 43

Color 44

Color 45

Color 46

Color 47

Color 48

Color 49

Color 50

Color 51

Color 52

Color 53

Color 54

Color 55

Color 56

System Requirements For IXI Aurora:

We recommend a GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM and a minimum spec of an Intel i5 processor or AMD equivalent.
Pairing the mobile VR device with a computer that supports Windows 10 will allow you to enjoy full immersion and control of the
Immersive real world and VR experiences.

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