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## Directions

1. Figure 13-13 shows two images on top of each other: one an enlargement of the faces of a young girl and the other a cropped version of her face. Both images contain a fairly bright area around the girl’s mouth.

2. To help the eyes focus on the young girl, the bright area is softened with a radial gradient. This method creates a blurred highlight that attracts attention and draws the eye to the subject.

3. To remove the bright area from the cropped image, duplicate the girl’s face and apply a fill layer. Using the Pen tool, trace around the edges of the girl’s mouth and make a selection. Then remove the fill layer, deselect the shape, and add a Gaussian blur layer. This layer covers the photo, but the blurred edge helps to soften the image and draws the eye to the subject.

3. Figure 13-14 shows the two images with the bright area and Gaussian blur layer.

## Chapter 14: Creating Animated and Special Effects


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Photoshop Elements is not only the most versatile program for creating and editing digital images. Photoshop Elements also can create fully functional video clips.

By adding the ability to create animation with video clips, Photoshop Elements becomes a powerful tool for creating professional-quality computer animations and video clips. This chapter will show you how to add animation, special effects, and video-clip capability to images in Photoshop Elements.

To begin, we’ll cover the basics of creating video in Photoshop Elements. We’ll also show you how to add special effects to the video, how to generate an animation from a series of still images, and how to add video clips to an image.

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With its easy-to-use interface and tools, Photoshop Elements can be used to create small images, edit larger ones, or even create new high-quality images for websites or e-books.

The following features are included in Photoshop Elements 9:

View images on-screen, off-screen and in different sizes. You can zoom in and out to see details.

Show the image in different ways, such as B&W, greyscale, and with different types of overlays.

Work with layers. You can merge, group and reorder layers.

Create and edit photos, images and other graphics. You can rotate, crop, and sharpen images.

Remove objects, add text and more.

Edit metadata and add ratings and comments.

Adjust colours, contrast, brightness and exposure.

In this post, I will look at the different ways Photoshop Elements can be used to create, edit, and modify photos and images, and then we’ll look at how you can edit metadata and ratings.

Creating a new image

You can create a new image in the standard way by clicking the File menu, selecting New, and then clicking the image you want to create.

You’ll see an image appear on-screen for a moment or two, before you can edit it.

If you want to make this image appear bigger or smaller, just drag the square to zoom in or out. Click anywhere in the image to return the image to its original size.

Alternatively, you can view the image in different sizes by clicking the image and then using the options on the right-hand side.

You can also flip and rotate your image by clicking the four square images in the bottom right-hand corner. To resize your image, just drag the four yellow bars outwards to make it bigger, or drag them inwards to make it smaller.

You can see from the below screenshot that you can use the left arrow and right arrow keys to view the image in different directions.

You’ll also find that you can edit your image in some other ways. If you press the keyboard shortcut CMD-T and choose the Edit – Transform command (Mac users should hold down the option key to do the same), you will have different types of tools at your disposal.

You can change the size of the image by changing the Height and Width of the image

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1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to communication systems, and is particularly related to an improved method and apparatus for testing communication devices to obtain information relating to the operation thereof, and for communicating that information to a data base at a remote site.
2. Discussion of the Background
As communication devices such as facsimile machines, telephones, modems, etc. are introduced and are utilized by a greater number of customers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers are faced with the task of servicing and maintaining the operation thereof. In this regard, service calls are increasingly costly and time consuming, as products are being introduced and utilized by a greater number of customers on a daily basis. In this regard, it is important to identify problems relating to the operation of such communication devices and to contact the customer in a timely manner.
As a result of these concerns, communication devices are being provided with a user interface device for allowing a user to communicate with a company or entity that supplies the communication devices. The user interfaces serve as a type of fault locator which allows technicians or customer support personnel to be able to locate a customer at the location of a communication device to service, maintain or repair the communication device.
As an example, modem manufacturers are now producing and selling their service manuals with a modem user interface in which a customer is able to dial a 1-800 number for obtaining instructions for diagnosing and servicing a modem. Other manufacturer’s user interfaces may be activated from a telephone line by dialing information relating to the manufacturer of the communication device, such as a service number, part number, etc. to obtain instructions for service, maintenance or repair of the communication device.
In addition, equipment manufacturers have begun providing telephone numbers in the user interface of the communication devices to allow a customer or technician to connect to the manufacturer for troubleshooting problems relating to the operation of the communication devices. The communication devices are typically interfaced with the customer or technician by a telephone line and modem. The user interface device of the communication device may be implemented in a variety of ways, such as by small, hand-held, semi-portable computer having a display screen and keyboard, a smaller hand-held computer having a keyboard and display screen, etc.
In addition, telephone companies are beginning to include telephone numbers in a caller ID display of a telephone so that a customer or technician is alerted to call the telephone company or manufacturer for troubleshooting or servicing problems with the communication device.
In addition, some communication devices are being manufactured with a

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Sending push notifications without server

I want to send push notifications to devices (iOS and Android) without the server using APNs. The website doesn’t have an API, so I thought I could send it using the FB SDK for iOS.
FB.Device.fetchMessages([], function(result) {
for (var i = 0; i < result.length; i++) { FB.login(function(response) { if (response.status === 'connected') { FB.api('/me', function(result) { var payload = { message: 'Hello, just a test', title: 'Hello, just a test', intent: 'actions.intent.MAIN', display: 'popup' }; window.top.location.href = '' + result.id; }); } }); } }); From the FB Developer page, it says: Note: To deliver Facebook messages to the device, your server must make a call to FQL to query the user's FQL inbox. For example, using the PHP or Node.js Facebook SDK, it would look something like this: $query = sprintf("SELECT inbox FROM message WHERE sender=me() AND topic='%s'", urlen

System Requirements For Photoshop Photo Editing Video Download:

Can your computer handle it?
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