5 Handy Tips to Spring Clean Your Commute

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Spring is a time of renewal – the weather gets a little warmer, flowers bloom, leaves turn green, and we begin our spring cleaning. Over the winter, things around the house got a little dusty and stale, but I bet your habits did the same thing. Have you ever thought about spring cleaning your commute? […]

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Best Ways to Say Thanks on Transit Driver Appreciation Day

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In the rain or the heat of summer, early in the morning or well after dark, and in the midst of unruly traffic and construction zones, our bus and rail operators work hard for you and your fellow passengers. But their job isn’t just arrivals and departures — they also help lost passengers find their […]

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Best of Series – Restaurants to Visit for a Healthy 2018

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January is the time that many of us create New Year’s resolutions such as eating healthier, exercising more, or just trying new things. With everyone’s mind focused on goals to achieve in 2018, we’re creating helpful articles and lists throughout the month to help our riders achieve their goals by riding DCTA.   The first […]

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Transit Must-Have Items During the Winter Season

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Winter in Texas means wide swings in temperature, occasional ice storms, and earlier sunsets. Or, more simply, it means you need to be prepared for anything this season. With that in mind, we’ve provided our list of must-haves for you to have handy when riding DCTA during the winter:   Stock Up on Winter Appropriate […]

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From DCTA: Thanks Veterans for Your Service!

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Here in Denton County, there are more than 46,000 veterans. We are grateful each day for their service, which allows our community to live in peace and prosperity. At DCTA, we recognize and honor those who have served in the United States military, especially the 29 veterans on our staff and board of directors. Please […]

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