Investments in Infrastructure are Investments into the Economy

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The US Department of Treasury released a new analysis on the economic effects of infrastructure investment. This report underscores the need to continue to invest in highways and transit programs (of course, we are more partial to the latter). On average, 12% of the household income ($7,600) is spent on transportation. For 90% of Americans, transportation […]

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RT @ridedcta: Take @RideDCTA instead RT @mashable: Put the Phone Down: April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month –

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President Post: Safety Campaign

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Light rail and commuter trains, like the A-train, link cities and suburbs, provide alternatives to congested highways, offer more affordable travel options, and lead to a cleaner, more sustainable quality of life. With higher fuel prices and the increasing demand for transit options, public transportation ridership in North Texas and across the nation continues to […]

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Downtown Denton is a Great Transit Destination

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DCTA met with the Downtown Denton Task Force today to discuss future service changes and to discuss ways DCTA and our downtown Denton partners can collaborate to build ridership and bring visitors to Downtown Denton. Downtown Denton has so many great things to offer visitors – food, music, art and history. And transit is a […]

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Introducing Transit Talk!

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DCTA is always looking for new and better ways to communicate to our customers. This week, we introduced GoRequest, an web-based mobile application that allows customers to offer comments, commendation or complaints about our service. Today, we introduce Transit Talk, a blog that DCTA will use to provide regular updates on DCTA happenings and transit industry news. DCTA president, […]

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